Thursday, March 17, 2011

LAT the musical : my review

I grew up with Lat. My parents love Lat and we have all his comics. I've always wished I could have a kampung just like his in Kampung Boy.I learnt to read the newspaper because Lat's cartoons was in it. That's why I was looking forward to see the musical.

Personally, for me, a good musical would have great songs that lingers in my mind even when the show's over, great vocals that gives me chills and well written storyline and awesome setting.

The show is good. I would recommend everyone to go. But do lower your expectations when it comes to the song selection and the vocals. Some of the character had good vocals. The kids were awesome. But somehow I was let down by Awie's vocals. Atilia's was excellent of course but the songs let me down. But I did like the song sang by Mrs Yu and her class. DWYL LWYD. what is it? you have to go to find out.

But I have to say the first half of the show was well written. I enjoyed every minute of the first half. However I find the second half a bit draggy. And I'm not sure if they had a climax.Or if they had... I didn't get it.

The setting however was excellent. I love the way they used the screens to portay Lat the comic. Most of the landscape and buildings were supersized from Lat's comic hence those who've read the comic would feel very familiar with the whole setting. That was awesome.

Douglas Lim was entertaining as always. Would go to any musical comedy that has him in it. The actors who played Pak Samad and Mrs Hew (is this correct??) couldn't have been better. They're hilarious. I like. And the kids... bravo.. bravo.

Although I did say I was dissappointed with Awie's vocals (compared to when I saw him in Cuci the musical) but his acting was entertaining. So bravo for that. Atilia's acting was alright I suppose which but whenever she sings her voice sends chills down my spine.

Overall I would say it's a must see. Especially if you love Lat cartoons. And I love them.

Plus...whenever I read Lat I learn a thing or two about life. And the musical did the same for me too.

DWYL and LWYD. Thanks Mrs Hew. and Thank you Lat.

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