Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The birds and the bees

Azalia found a bunch of my photos during my student days in Disneyland Paris and she was like

Alia: Mak.... mana Alia.. kenapa mak tak bawak Alia pegi sini? Kenapa mak ada gambar dengan Pluto?? mana Alia mak? Ni bila?

Me: Ni dekat Disneyland lah masa mak student lah. Alia tak ada lagi.

Alia: Alia pegi mana mak?

Me: (oh no.. its too early to have this conversation!!!) Mak tak kawen dgn abah lagi macam mana Alia nak ada..

Alia: (confused face)Mana Alia mak? Alia pegi mana mak? Alia nak pegilah mak. Alia nak pegi Disneyland.

She shoved photos after photos in my face and demanded to know what is in the photo and repeatedly saying.. Alia nak pegi jugak and why I didn't bring her along.

I told her I'll bring her to Disneyland when she's older. Thank God she's satisfied with that answer and stopped with all the questions. I don't think she would understand it if I talk about the birds and the bees right now.

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