Sunday, December 12, 2010

Buy buy buy... kids nowadays...

Today in MPH Azalia wanted to buy 3 books ( she already bought 2 last week and 1 the week before, so seriously this buying book thing can't happen every week) so I told her no, she can buy this in a few weeks time because she has too many of them and have not finish doing/reading them.

After all her pujuk rayu tak dilayan ...guess what she said.

" Mak, Alia ada idea. Kita kasi orang buku Alia yang lama lepas tu kita beli buku baru. Haaaa.. macam tu boleh lah. Ok Mak!!!"

I like that she's thinking of giving away her stuff but the thought of her buying and not using and giving them to others just so she can buy another one is NOT something I want her to learn so I had to firmly say no.

She wailed and cried in MPH OU that all heads turned and apparently Asa who is in the floor downstairs can hear her cry too. Oh well... life's tough. You can't really get everything that you want Azalia. Most of the time you have to earn it. Jadi maknye pun tebalkan muka and walked out the store with a whateverlah-labu face.

Of course.. that cry was half made up and half real so it only a distraction for her stop crying. By the time we got to the car she's all better and came up with another idea

"Balik ni.. kita buat semua buku lepas tu kasi orang lepas tu datang kedai beli lagi ok mak"

Haih.. bijak bijak... kopak kopak...I think its time to introduce her to the library.

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