Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Work = blankie.. Gasp!!!

The blankie is very important to Azalia. She loves it and it literally is her security blanket.Anyway..I think she sees work as being my blankie. Reasons for my conclusion..

1. The last post on her blankie.

2. We were doing one of her activity books and we were required to draw our favourite things. She of course wants me to draw for her, her blankie. Once I finished she suddenly said... "mak draw lah work mak dekat sebelah blankie tu"

That hit me.

I guess it makes sense she thinks that way. After all I HAVE to leave her on the weekdays to go to work. AND whenever I study or at the computer I would say I'm doing work (even when I'm surfing... hmmmm maybe I shldn't really say I'm working..my bad). And most of the time.. when the babysitter takes time off.. Asa would take care of her and I would go to work because he has more annual leaves than I do and the arrangement makes practical sense.

I wonder if this is a bad thing. I hope she doesn't think work takes precedence than her. Although it might look that way but if she needs me to be with her..I would drop everything in a second. Note.. I'm saying need and not want. She wants me all the time.. heck.. she wants everything.. like all the books in MPH. ok I'm going off topic here.

nyway... I know she loves me more than her blankie.. she said so herself.. so I think she knows I love her more than work. It's not that I love work.. I like working but it really is more of a need and have to work than want to work right now.

Anyway... I'm just saying, work is important because basically it is Amanah... but you are my biggest Amanah so you take precedence everytime Azalia.

p.s: Just in case you're wondering when your bigger and thinking I love work more than you do.. :)

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