Monday, November 22, 2010

Hypothetically speaking.....

Me: Azalia, kalau blankie Alia hilang macam mana?

Azalia: uwaaa(starts mock crying)

Me: Azalia.. mak cakap kalau je lah.. kalau blankie hilang mcm mana?

Azalia:(stops mock crying and looks at me intently and says) Kalau kerja mak hilang macam mana.

Me:Haha.. Ok got it.


  1. hahhahahaha
    my favourite joker!

  2. she stuns me everytime. EVERY time I tell ya. Where did this girl get so much insight???

  3. Fadh: I have no idea. Too much interaction with adults maybe? I dunno. But I swear my brains work harder at home than at work... is that bad?? HAHA

    Deenz: My favourite too. she can make me laugh, cry and angry all in one day.

  4. Hahahaha comel nye.

    I rasa I tak pernah jumpa lagi your daughter la Awanis ahah

  5. u should make a list of Azalia's quotes ;)

  6. Layen: Tu lah pasal. Even though we're cousins we don't really see each other outside of the workplace that much do we... hehe

    Dina: I want to I really do.. but there's just so many.. Maybe one day I'll make the list from the random postings I have made of her quotes. hehe.

  7. label ur entries as azalia's quotes la.. auto-compile ;)