Friday, July 23, 2010

Still a long way.... from being a minimalist.

I've been reading a lot of stuff on being frugal/minimalist etc. I just love the idea of being less of a consumer and not having a lot of stuff. Coming from a family of 'collectors' I know how easy it is to fall into the Don't-throw-I'might-need-it-later mindset. Just a few days ago I was getting rid of my baju kurung from way way way back when I was a teen(they are still in good condition and the only reason I don't wear them now is because of design) and I was thinking maybe I should keep them in case I want some materials to play with when I feel like teaching myself sewing.

Before I started having any more ideas I quickly stuffed everything in the plastic bag and put them in the donation pile.

Phew. That was close.

At least I didn't have any trouble donating my shoes. Anything that is uncomfortable goes straight into the donation pile.

I've already sorted Azalia's clothes and toys that are still in good condition but I still have not made any decisons on what to do with them.I'm still contemplating whether to donate them or keep know... in case we have another baby girl.

Plus.. there's also the keepsake factor. You see my parents have kept some of our toys and good clothes for their cucu tu wear. Time and time again I've ridiculed them from keeping and bringing them to each new place we moved as I grew up(and we moved from Sarawak to PJ ok so that was really a commitment taking those clothes with us). But my mom were adamant in keeping them despite all the hassle. Then finally when Azalia arrived in the world, my mom washed those clothes and proudly put them on Azalia and seeing that made me want to keep her clothes for my own cucu to wear. But seriously... is it worth it? Maybe just a few? We'll see.

But I really want to clear those spaces because I hate knowing that deep in the cupboards I have tons of stuff just lying there... not being used.

Hmmm... decisions decisions.

At least Asa's stuff is kept at a minimum.hehe.

Next up..... my handbags.(oopsss.. just bought a new one yesterday... ;-p what a minimalist wannabe. blurghhh)

p.s: Just got back from a 2 hour massage and body scrub with Deenz and it was just what I needed. The massage was just the right pressure and I chose a ginger scrub to 'buang angin' and it worked. A lot of angin came out (atas k bukan bawah) after we finished. Was tempted to get the package but it was way out of my budget. Sigh. Maybe next time. Thanks for the voucher!!! (we only paid RM80 for it.. hehe)

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