Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Passport Malaysia - Info for Sarawakian in Semenanjung Malaysia

Apparently getting a Sarawak Malaysian Passport in Semenanjung will take you 5 working days instead of 1 day. Plus.. you have to apply on a work day and not a weekend.

Because of this we ended up going to the Immigresen 3 times to do Azalia's passport. 1 time because system was down. 2nd time we only found that we can't do it on a weekend. and the 3rd... finally we submitted our form. We have to go on our 4th trip to pick up the passport.

Anyway... what you'll need in is:

2 copies of birth cert
2 copies of ic
2 pictures.

And then wait for 5 workings days to pay and collect the passport because the Imigresen Department in Sarawak will have to do the passport.

The difference?

Well... you'll have a K instead of A(for Selangor) and I guess you're considered a Sarawakian. Oh ya... only Sarawakian can apply for this laa.. (Duuh)

Funny thing is... Although I'm the one with the Sarawak blood in me, Asa was the one who insisted on it. I just thought it was a hassle and wanted to settle with whatever is the fastest.

So don't wait till the last minute and expect it to be done in a day ok??!!

P.s: I'm posting this because I'm pissed this info was not in the Imigresen Dept Website and I ended up taking several trips to the dept. Sheesh.


  1. I'm also in the process of applying a K passport for my son. Just a quick question, does Azalia has a K IC as well? Thanks.


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