Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alia goes pee pee.

Yep... today I mark the day my daughter went to the toilet on her own.

Not her potty but the toilet.

You see, Ever since she's been diaperless, I've been training her to use the toilet because the potty is such a hassle to clean and when we're out there's no potty and there's no way I'm going to bring her potty everywhere. But I know at her sitter's she still goes to the potty. And sometimes when she needs to go she would do it on her own at the potty because it's reachable, unlike the toilet. Anyway at home she would usually ask me to bring her because she can't get to the bowl. But today she did it all on her own.

What happened was I was on the computer.. surfing, and Azalia was playing in the living room. Suddenly I heard her opening the bathroom's door and moved her bathroom bench(she uses it to get to the sink to wash her hands, brush her teeth etc)I called out to her to ask what she's doing. She mumbled something and I went to the bathroom to see, and lo and behold, she's already on the toilet bowl doing her business pants down and everything. She looked up to me and said

"Alia kencinglah Mak"

Good girl!!!!

Now all you have to do is learn to clean yourself up and mummy will be one happy lady!!!


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  1. "alia kencinglah Mak"

    So matter of fact! macam,... "so what? whatchu lookin at me for?"