Thursday, April 1, 2010

Roles Reversed

Lately Azalia has become the mother..... to me

1.She told me off for being lazy

"Mak jangan malas. Alia tak suka. Ok!!!

2.She reminded me to go exercise

"Mak pergi exercise, mak dah gomok.

I told her I'll do tmrw and she said

"OK, Mak buat kerja dulu, sat gi mak exercise OK!!!

3.She would also remind me of her hygiene and sometimes mine.

"Mak, Alia nak wash hand dgn sabun"

"Mak, Alia tak nak pakai pampers dah"

"Mak, Alia nak wash teeth skrg!!!"..... "Mak wash gigi jugak ok!!!"

"Mak, tunggu, Alia nak kemas dulu"

"Mak pergi salin baju!!!

"Mak per makan dulu, nanti baru mak naik atas tengok TV ok!!! (OK actually this was her way of buying time so that she can watch her cartoon first.) this a sign that she's mimicking me when I was the one who told her to do all these things OR is she picking up my slack when I'm sitting on my behind.


  1. very very clever la your daughter. comel.

  2. ahhaha, i like! Fatiha pn dh dekat2 sama being cmni..