Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So... this mother went a wee bit crazy last week and spent some moolah on the lil one's educational (I repeat... EDUCATIONAL) toys and books. hehehehe. Gile nak justify pembelian kan!!!

Anyway... it was my first time at the Smart Kids Expo and bought some wooden puzzles and toys for Azalia(it's cheaper than outside ok!!!). I also bought 3 interactive posters which will be introduced to her one by one. The toys will not be given to her all at once but one each month. Org kedai siap tanya "untuk sekolah ke kak?" I sheepishly answered "tak untuk anak". Nasib tak tanya anak berapa. hehehe

Thank God at the time I had little cash and little time (pergi during Friday lunch time maaa)If not I'm sure I'll be tempted to look for more stuff.

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