Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baking and playing

I'm waiting for Azalia to wake up so that we can start baking. Yup, we've been baking this weekend and I intend to make it a weekend ritual if there's nothing planned. Yesterday we made cornflake cookies and since we have some ripe bananas, I thought today we can make a banana cake.

I've also enrolled Azalia to a playgroup. It's going to be every Saturday at the teacher's house and we had our trial class yesterday. In the beginning, Azalia was very apprehensive about joining the singing and dancing, all invitation by the teacher she responded with a very strong "TAK NAK" and did exactly the opposite of what everyone did. (when everyone sat she stood, when everyone stood up, she sat etc) But when the teacher took out the colour pencil for arts and crafts time she warmed up and finally joined everyone.

Although most of what they're doing is something that Azalia is already familiar of, but I think this is a good start for her to have a group of kids that she can play with regularly even if it's only for an hour, once a week.

p.s: maybe one day we can organise our own playgroup. That would be fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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