Thursday, April 15, 2010


Selfish people are not aware of the consequences of their actions. They do not think of others nor do they care. All they care is of themselves which is the reason why unless you tell them their actions effects you, they wouldn't know.


Today I may be a little out of line. I pointed out to someone that they do not actually contribute anything to this whole organisation. Jahat kan(although it's true). Sigh. I didn't know what came over me. Well actually I know. I'm angry. I'm angry at selfish people. I want to be selfish too because seriously.. being selfless means you have to take a lot of shit. So there you go.. I was being selfish. But I'm bothered now that I've said it. Damn. I'll be taking a lot more shit from the looks of it.

My senior told me sometimes I'm too direct when I tell people off. But I'm not the type of person to sugar coat my words. I tell it as it is. Yes... it usually gets me into trouble because no one likes the taste of medicine.

"Do onto others what you want done to you"

I can take it. Albeit a bit hurt but I can take it. I prefer direct than sugar coating it. Sugar confuses me. Let me have it and get it over and done with. Am I being selfish?? Well maybe a little. But I don't do it to EVERYONE.. just to those who I think deserves it.

Another sigh.

Shame is a double edge sword. It can bring you out from that bubble of yours or just make it more solid. It all depends on your ego and your willingness to learn.

p.s: I'm a bit unsorted today. Forgive me.

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