Friday, March 26, 2010

Update Project Dapur Berasap

To date I have baked....(Bake ok.. bukan cook..yang cooked malas nak list down kan..tak byk pun but nothing special. Sister is at home often now so Ayahanda dan Bonda lagi teruja nak masak sebab kesian tengok anakanda yang sorang tu kurus kering duduk luar. Tapi yang bertambah montel adelah anakanda yang sorang ni dan menantu(eh menantu bahasa istana ape ah??)

Anyway.. back to the list.

1.Baked Eggs twice for breakfasts

2.Bread Pudding twice, 1 for Dina's Babyshower and the other for the whole family

3.Cheesecake for Dina's Babyshower and twice sebab teringin nak makan

4.Brownies (ntah berapa kali dah.. I lost count)

5.Pizza (the fastest way...using off-the-rack naan bread)

I bought the ingredients to make a blueberry muffin but the cost of the blueberries stopped me. Maybe next time when the cost is much much less.

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