Thursday, March 4, 2010

Errr..what do you say to that!!!

Azalia is now in a stage where she's learning to use our words against us.

Scenario 1.

I would usually switch of the telly and tell her it's time to go to bed. So one night, while I was watching my show, she told me she wanted to go to bed early. I told her to wait until I finish my show. She went to the telly and switch it off and said

"Mak tutup TV pergi tido sekarang. OK. dah night time. Jangan tengok TV.cukup.cukup"

Scenario 2.

One time when Azalia felt lazy and wanted us to pick her stuff up. Asa said to her

"Alia ada kaki kan. Alia pergi amik sendiri"

Last night, when we were preparing to go to sleep, Azalia wanted Asa to get her storybook in the living so Asa repeated the above to her and her come back was

"Abah ada kaki tak? Adekan. Abah pergi amik k"

Scenario 3.

Azalia has a habit of unleashing her geram towards me to Asa everytime I scold her. When she does that I would usually tell her that she shouldn't talk like that to Asa because that's her father.

Now whenever I am angry at Asa and started sulking and raising my voice. Azalia would say this to me

"Mak jgn marah. Abah awak tu (refering to Asa). Mak pergi duduk tengok dinding (her naughty corner)"


  1. lol!
    exactly! what do you say to that??
    comel la Azalia ni. dah besar dah..
    sigh~ they grow up so fast.
    she'll be a teenybopper before you know it ;P

  2. On Scenario 3, kinda feel comforted sebab Azalia protect Abah dia sbb dia sayang Abah dia. Hehe.. Still, macam mana nak ajar Alia that she cannot marah the parent? Pening x2~~

  3. omg aw! im already imagining adam saying things like tat whn he can speak!! so crazy!! stress i dgr! lol

  4. funny la azalia ni. kepoci habis...macam u awanis. hahahaha

    eh, how did the potty training go?

  5. lol!!!! i wonder ape elyas jawab bila dah pandai cakap. sekarang ni pun pandai ajuk2 apa kami buat....

  6. this is hilarious, wanis! hahaha