Sunday, March 28, 2010


The potty training is finally over.

At first I thought of easing her into it. This is mainly due to the failure of the previous training a year ago.(when she was almost 2)

So I started by putting her in diaper pants and told her to tell me when she wants to poo and pee. At first she only told me when she wants to poo and then after a few times she told me when she wants to pee as well.

I have to give credit to her babysitter for her being diaper free during the day. And then just last week she insisted (yeszzaa she had to insist because I DID NOT want to deal with any 'spills' in the middle of the night because it's a work night) be diaper free at night too. So we tried it and alhamdulillah, till this day, there's no 'spills' and no more diapers!!! (well except that one time when we were out and I couldn't find a toilet and she said she wants to pee so I quickly put on her diaper pants)

So yeah... finally my daughter is potty trained!! and seriously I only initiated it but she was the one who is determined to finish it. YEAY!!!

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