Monday, March 29, 2010

Me Time

Took last Monday off to have my much needed me time,

Asa ran some errands and I told him to pretend that I'm not around and NOT to invite me to join him.

Th whole morning I did no chores except tidied up Azalia's play area and did what I miss most (channel surfing) from 8am-Noon. Yes I did stop for breakfast but thats only like half an hour.

Arnd 1.30pm I walked to the LRT stn(since Asa had the car and it's only 5 mins anyway) to return my rented book at Amcorp Mall and pick up a new one. Then I scoured Popular, BookXcess for magazines and bought 3 imported cooking magazines with pictures of desserts that is to die for. I am determined to make french macaroons one day.

Then I read the magazines with a glass of chocolate drink and just lazed there for about an hour.

Aaaaahhhh around 5.30pm, it's back to being a mother when I pick up Azalia at the babysitter's

I should do this once every month.


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