Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paris, with love. not the movie.

I'm the midst of helping my sister out with transportation and accommodation in Paris and London..(Oh did I tell you she's going on a EURO TRIP which includes SPAIN, GERMANY(munich, salzburg and vienna), LONDON and PARIS!!!


You see, every semester her course has a trip to see buildings (yes they are doing architecture) and since this is their final semester, they've decided to go all out and do this trip. (No sponsorship laa.. sendiri2 punya)

Anyway.. when I was going through my sister's accommodation choices in Paris it got me reminiscing about the time Asa and I was there.. Although we did do all the touristy stuff but what I enjoyed most was when we strolled along the Sienne one afternoon and explored Paris on foot and discovered some lovely cafes.. such blissss...

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