Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The last wedding.

Finally my parents married off their last child. It has been a crazy couple of days but everything turned out well. Sure there were a few hiccups here and there but every event have those.

And what about the dais that I mentioned before? Well, they delivered although they only started setting it up at 1am in the morning and finished at 5am on the night before the solemnisation. I didn't sleep because I was monitoring them and I was practically a zombie on the day of the solemnisation. I had to stay away from my daughter for fear of snapping at her even at the smallest thing because I was tired and cranky. But God bless Azalia because she understood her mother well and played with her aunts and uncles happily.

They added some decorations on the backdrop because they thought our idea was a bit too plain. I was not quite sure of it at first but it turned out to be a good idea because most of the flowers on the sides of the dais were removed when we had pictures with relatives taken to fit everyone on the dais.

Although I was a wee bit upset that it took them that long but when they apologised profusely on the delay I felt better. See... all it takes is some humble words to soften the client's heart. We understand that humans make mistakes but we feel better if you acknowledge it.

Food was great for both days. Well they did cater for most of our function so I don't think they would screw that up. Having a chocolate fountain on the day was a real treat for the kids and I think the parents were very happy because it kept the kids occupied. They kept saying what a good idea it was.

We had some of both Johor and Sarawak culture added to the day with Nasi Temuan and throwing candies and coins to the kids.

The make up that I booked for my sister was excellent. I wished I had her on my wedding. RM800 for 2 days.. very affordable right!! Just google Vanz Lee and you can see her portfolio.

The door gifts that I got for the solemnisation was a hit too.. hehehe I loved them. It was worth carrying them up and down the lrt when I'm already 6 months pregnant. Got them at Semua House in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

For the reception the next day, my father estimated about 1800 guest and we were very doubtful that it would be that many but it turned out... there were that many. At one time the hall and the canopies outside were so full because everyone was waiting for the bride and groom to arrive before making their move that I had to call my sister and tell her to hurry up because a lot of people were standing around waiting for empty seats. But apparently many didnt mind waiting because the food was good and plenty. So a reminder for any functions... good food equals happy guests.

The handbouquet for the solemnisation were lovely. It was a mix of white and pink cymbidium orchid and pink carnation. However I think the 6 calla lillies for the reception was a bit too simple.

My sister got the gamelan that she wanted for the reception. We were surprised to see there were a silat performance and malay dance performance because we didnt plan for any of that. Apparently it was the caterer's idea. He mentioned there will be a little performance to my dad but my dad thought it was no biggie and didn't mention it to any of us. He didn't expect that though. haha. But the kids enjoyed so it was worth the wait.

We checked in our relatives from Kuching into PNB Darby Park. My father wanted to give them a treat for flying all the way for his youngest daughter's wedding and thought it was a good place to stay.We booked 4 3-bedroom apartments (about 10 families came) and were surprised on how huge they were. They loved the place and the location because they love shopping.. HAHA. I assigned my brother and Asa as drivers to get them to and from the wedding for both the wedding. We borrowed the big cars from my uncle and my brother's father in law to ferry them to and fro.

Overall I think it was a success. And it was a great one too for the youngest child and the last wedding in the family. My parents were the happiest and I think my sister is just glad that everything is over.

To my sister, may you have a wonderful marriage and make lots of babies because I want many nephews and nieces.. heheheheh.

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