Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh no!! It's here!!

Lately, I'm easily annoyed. Too easy. Much easier than usual. And mood swings are back too.

Oh no...Don't tell me the best part of pregnancy is over. Bye bye second trimester? No more sudden surge of energy and happy hormones? Say hello to being uncomfortable and very moody hormones??


Azalia's been getting some of the heat lately and she's staying clear of me whenever she sensed I'm moody. Ye lah tetiba nak marah sah2 something wrong somewhere. I'm surprised how aware she is with my moods. But I should really get my mood in check. It really is not fair to a 4 year old even if she knows how to handle it. Or to anyone actually. Sigh. You'd think that admitting you have a problem would help you solve it..haiyaaa.

I hate feeling like this. Plus... what with everything going on at home currently definitely NOT making it easier. Organising a wedding can be such a chore. Although I pretty much try to stay out of it unless asked to, it still effects me since I'm living under the same roof. Haih.. Glad mine was so fast we didn't have to prolong the chaos. And glad this is the final one in the family insyaAllah. Just wished it's not happening at a time when I'm so easily annoyed. It's so not fair to everyone if I keep being moody. Pray it'll go away soon.

With wedding bells in the air, Azalia kept on asking about marriage. The other day she asked me why I married her father. I said because abah awak tak marah mak balik bila mak marah.

And to our surprise she said " Oooo mak ada cari abah lain mula2? mak cari satu dia marah, lepas tu satu lagi dia marah jugak, lepas tu mak jumpa abah yang ini tak marah balik baru mak kawen? Lepas tu dapat anak sebab tu Azalia Binti Azhari?

We just laughed and nodded because we were just stunned on how she deduced that from my answer.

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