Friday, January 13, 2012

Why would I unfriend(on FB) a person.. just to clarify.

Had an outburst on FB (which I rarely do because I do not want any conflict on the web because I always felt virtual expression causes more harm than good) due to my disagreements with someone's statement on her FB regarding a product she's selling.

Felt the claim was irresponsible. I mean sell what you want.. seriously.. but make responsible claims about your product. If you argue about the halal and haram of your product... your product might be halal if you put false claims about your product it becomes haram because you are basically deceiving people.

If doctors can't say that a particular medication can cure you 100% of a disease because it is irresponsible for them to do that.. what makes you think u can say that just because a few claim it 'works' for them.

Oh well..

I've unfriended the person (on FB). Not because I no longer wish to talk to her. I would still say hi if I see her personally... but the unfriending on facebook is just so I stop seeing her status and seeing her account and get myself all worked out about it since we're not on the same page about certain or rather most things. I did unsubscribe but my curiousity always gets the better of me especially when I'm bored.. so that apparently didn't work. I'm only human and this is what I can do to be a better person.


  1. i wondered who that was...who unfriend-ed her. rupa2nya u..hehehe. fyi, she posted on her wall bout it. i had a sense it was u, since your most recent outburst. actually i rasa annoyed lah wanis after reading her post bout the 'unfriend', sbb she mentioned that org yg tak sehaluan dgn dia sombong lah and all the negative-adjective associated to the friend yg tak sehaluan dgn dia....sheeeessshhh....apa lah. i'm that close to comment that post, sbb i rasa she contradicts whatever dia ckp so much. but i couldnt be bothered to waste time on that...hehehe. i have better things to do. u know me kan, i rarely get annoyed over things...hehehe

  2. Wow u pun annoyed. Mmg jarang. You're not the only one to realise that she contradicts herself a lot whenever she talks too much. Tapi I sedih lah asma.. hence the outburst...sedih sebab its someone I know who's making these claims for the sake of sustaining her 'business'. I've always thought that such claims are irresponsible. Selama ni dia kata ape2 smpi merendah2 kan orang lain I can ignore lagi because ala.. I guess that's how she's selling her 'business'. But that claim was too much for me, coming from a family of doctors (although I'm not one) I feel it was unethical. Itu saja. And the fact that she felt strongly about it.. I thought.. enough is enough lah I cannot take it anymore. hence unfriend. At least tak tengok takde lah bengangkan? Mcm staying clear of a particular topic when talking to a friend because we know its something they don't like to talk about.