Thursday, November 17, 2011

The story of the cash register

Azalia had played on Uncle Aarif's cash register toy for awhile. And she kept saying how she loved it. I thought of buying her one but never really looked for one whenever I'm out shopping.

However the other day while at T*sco, I spotted a home brand cash register toy.. ON SALE!!! The think I like about it's home brand's toys are it's sturdy and safe like F*isher P*ice and but it's half the price. And when it's on sale... MEMANG A BARGAIN!! One time I got those shape sorter type of toy for only RM10!!..

Anyway.. back to the original story... the price was only RM30 (50% off) and I just grab it because honestly those flimsy ones also would cost at least RM50.

But guess who was excited to play with the thing??? hehehehe ME!!!!.. serious cool ok. I thought it only had the cash register thing but noooooo... it had a card swiper with actual sweeping sound. A mic you can talk into that actually works. A scanner that actually makes that beeping sound that the scanners at the store makes and the cash register is actually a calculator that actually works.

And Azalia's reaction when she got it?

" Ooo mummy you're so kind you're so good.. I love it very much..... kenapa mak beli ni mak?" heheheheh

Nampak sangat mak nye tak selalu beli toy. Kalau beli mesti bersebab. Oh well.. thank your little brother because apparently ever since I'm carrying him I'm spending without any second thought.. OH NO!!..hehe

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