Monday, November 28, 2011

Bengang mode.

Since I did not have a pelamin when I got married, I really don't have any experience in dealing with this.

But when my parents were dealing with it during my brother's wedding, It was rather straightforward so I thought.. what the heck, sis wants fresh flowers pelamin for her nikah so I thought of doing the leg work for her.

Urghh I wish I hadn't volunteered my service.

After looking around the web, I finally settled on this one vendor, I thought their ideas were young, fresh and when I met the owner, she was very helpful and I felt good about it so I booked them.

Told them roughly what we wanted, sis showed the picture of the dais she wanted and they told us to go back and finalise a few things till the next meeting. This was 5 or 6 months before the wedding.

So come november, and I found out the owner, the person we dealt with is pregnant and is due on Nov. She told us not to worry, her older sister will take care of everything.

So I called and texted the sister, I ask to meet up, at our house so I could show her where we wanted the dais etc etc and also since we havent met her (the sister) yet, so it would in some ways give me some peace of mind knowing who I'm dealing with and the answer that was given to me was.... "there's no need to meet. It's just a mini pelamin. Usually we don't really meet up for mini pelamins. Even the big pelamins we don't. Clients just trust us. "

And I'm at a total loss of word. Like.. seriously!!! Is that really how things works? Look... this is my first time but I do think we need to meet to finalise things..Don't we? I mean the last time we spoke was freaking 6 months ago and it wasn't even with you. IT WAS WITH YOUR SISTER!!!

And even if you think its not necessary and a totally waste of time, I'm your freaking client who wants to meet you for goodness sake because I've never meet you before so why in the world its so hard for you to arrange that AT LEAST!!! And mind you bukan nak jumpa 10 kali pun. Satu kali je.. SATU KALI.

Told her my concerns, nicely, told her my parents are concern (well they did ask about it) and she finally agreed to send us at least a sketch. ( at least I can tell if its as we've discussed or not. Although.. I'm still a bit concerned with the colours..sigh)

I just pray that it turns out the way my sister wants it. Actually I pray my parents will like it.

Honestly, I don't like her tone when she spoke to me. Like my business is not important enough for her. Urghh.

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