Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Being me.. again.

It's been awhile since the last time I've kept track of my finances. Apparently being pregnant this time around has lowered my motivation to do what I have always enjoyed doing before, tracking/growing/saving basically anything to do with my money.

However, thanks to years of tracking and budgeting, my finances are not out of control yet eventhough I havent looked at it for months now. And yes... this baby loves to spend, much like the father yes?

I have made several impulsive buys, something which I don't usually do. Heck I even think twice when it comes to buying a bottle of water. Azalia is getting the most fun out of it though, I suppose she sensed how easy it is for mummy to spend lately.

But I think I'm slowly gaining my identity back. I've started to read those financial blogs I usually frequent and I've at least opened my excel and updated a few things. And my mind is working to grow the business that I've always envisioned I would have.

Aaaahhhh to be yourself again is liberating.

I must say Asa has been wonderful in letting me spend. Not judging and actually encouraging.. haha... But I think he must be relieved that I've finally switched off this spending spree I was on.

Now back to reducing cost and boosting income.

But.... I haven't really bought any baby stuff yet.. hehe.

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