Friday, November 18, 2011

6 years

We got married quite early. We were 22. Were we ready? I'm not sure myself, but I knew the commitment and responsibility that comes with a marriage and I thought.. heck... if our mothers think we're ready than why not.

We had fun being students and married. We traveled, no kids, studied together and had friends over. Plus being abroad means no weekend visits to the parents house so we actually had a lot of time... just us.

Of course we had our arguments. Living together meant getting used to each others quirks and habits. And it wasn't all easy. Asa decided to take up my bad habits and I was annoyed by that because... 2 of me is a bit too much. hehe.

But were there any regrets being married so early? OMG no!!.

I have to say that final year, was the best year I had in the UK because I had a family by my side. My husband.

And now, this year, last August, we've been married for 6 years. And the knot that was tied six years ago gets tighter everyday. Having Azalia around is a blessing and having another baby on the way is just icing on the cake.

Sure we have more years to go but after everything that we've been through, we knew we would have each other's back.

My friends once asked me... how do you know, six years ago.. that he's the one.


He can put up with me when I'm at my worst, and I can put up with him when he's at his worst. Plus I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. And I hope he can too.

Whatever it is.. a marriage is not a bed of roses. Heck.. you'll have really bad arguments that you're thinking.. WHY AM I PUTTING UP WITH THIS??!! But saying sorry helps.. A LOT. even when you don't think you're wrong. Putting your ego aside and communicate and spend time with each other helps you get through it. And having sometime without the kids once in awhile even if its just for an hour having drinks helps to maintain a loving relationship.And privacy.. yes even when you're married.. both of you would still love some privacy.

To Asa-chan.. It might be the hormones that's making me extra clingy and affectionate nowadays but you know how I feel, so always remember that especially after March 2012, when your son is born and we have less time for each other..hehe.


  1. wanis...what a beautiful way to sum up your already 6-years of marriage. pray that i will have what you both have soon, insyaAllah :). congrats you both!! :)

  2. So sweet Wanis!! Almost cried! The hormones are making me sappyy...haha, blame the hormones...=p

  3. asma: InsyaAllah amin amin.

    Mon: Hormone lah tu. Aku pun gile hormone tak stabil. Sket2 kluar air mata. haha.