Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tips to bringing your baby/toddler out on your own.

When Azalia was a baby, Asa's working schedule was very uncertain, so I knew earlier on that I need to be able to bring her out on my own so I wouldn't be too dependant on Asa. Plus, I was partly inspired by my mom's stories of how she would fly with all 3 of us back to KL (back then we lived in Sarawak) when we were small.. Just her and us, baby and toddlers. So yeah... I was determined to be independant.

So here are some things I learned along the way

1. Know your child's schedule
A hungry baby is a cranky baby. If you're breastfeeding, it's easier. No bottles to pack. If you bottle feed make sure bring milk. Best if you feed before you go. If she needs sleep go out after. A sleepy baby is also a cranky baby.

2. Car seat trained
Very important for safety. Enough said. How to succeed in training? Well that's a whole different entry but perseverance is key. Thankfully for me, Asa persevered and I get motion sickness. Who knew my motion sickness would come in handy. She still sits in her car seat till this day and if she doesn't she wears the seat belt.

3. Baby carrier/stroller.
Azalia was and still loves being in her stroller. My shoulders get tired easily so I prefer the stroller than the baby carrier. Either way, having your hands free will enable you to run errands easier.

4. Pack some baby wipes
Definitely a life saver. Even if your toddler is diaperless.

5. A change of clothes, and diaper.
Just in case. So you won't have to rush back or buy them new.

6. Pack everything..and I MEAN EVERYTHING in 1 bag. Makes your life much easier.

7. Keep him/her entertained.
Bring his/her favourite toy if you must. But not too bulky.

8. Eat before you go out. You'll get cranky if she makes a fuss. But if you want to eat outside, find somewhere that is children friendly so you wouldnt be so embarassed if your baby makes a fuss.

9. Pull up diapers is handy..especially in an airplane.

I have to say I love going out with Azalia, just the two of us. Sure it's not a bed of roses, especially now when she wants everything and I have to say No and she'll kick up a fuss but I usually ignore..oh yess... muka tebal is essential..hehehhe... but yeah.. we definitely have a good time most of the time we go out. Plus that feeling you get when you know u can do it all alone is priceless.

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