Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy busy...

For the past week I've been busy with work the new unit assigned to me. Told a friend that I'm both 'LIKE' and 'DISLIKE' my current job description right now.

'LIKE' because I'm doing something totally new and it gave me an insight on the financial parts of a unit trust company and the issues that they face, 'DISLIKE' because I was getting way comfortable in doing things that I know for certain that I'm good at (my previous job) and became the go to person in my previous unit, and also.... complacent a bit hehehehe... to being a newbie and not being in the loop all the time. Definitely not a HUGE DISLIKE and of course I'm sure it'll get better.

Hence, I am lately busy because in addition to my new job scope, I'm in the midst of opening up another class for ALIMKids PJ and currently the class is only half full. Anyone wants to help?

But the ALIMKids PJ has been a blast lately. Came up with lots of crafts for the kids to do which is lots of fun. Especially when I see them enjoying their masterpiece afterwards. Definitely thumbs up!!.

Oh well... gotta get back to office work.


p.s: Come and visit our booth at the Smart Kids Expo PWTC on 15th-17th APRIL!!!!!

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