Monday, April 4, 2011

Awesome #3 - A weekend getaway at a non crowded beach

Had an exhausting but fun filled weekend at Pengkalan Balak, Melaka courtesy of Hubby's Kelab Hartawan Hartanah's family day.

Nothing more awesome than seeing your kid running on the beach happily, collecting sea shells and jumping into the water afterwards. Azalia has finally conquered her fear of the sea thanks to 'the little mermaid'. YEAY!!

Nothing much to say about the accomodation, but it's a clean place to spend the night so that's fine with us but the beach is literally at our doorstep, so who needs a room to stay in when you have a clean beach all by yourself.

There was only a kiddy pool, which was also at our doorstep hence very very convenient.

Good food, lots of laughs.. definitely an AWESOME weekend.

p.s: my attempt to built a sandcastle was successful (though unfinished because Azalia decided to jump into the swimming pool living me behind at the beach.. ) but still.... yeay!!!!

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