Friday, April 1, 2011

My artbox

Ever since I've started conducting ALIMKids playgroup , I have endless supplies in my artbox for the arts and crafts session.

Having everything that I need in a box saves time and makes it easier for me to come up with creative projects for the little khalifahs. Azalia also benefits from this as she also gets a chance to do more arts and crafts projects with me.

Here are my current must haves in my art box

1. Hot glue gun (only for me NOT the kids)
2. The staples - scissors, glue, different types of tapes(masking,double sided, cellophane, penknife)
3. Staplers
4. chopsticks
5. paper cups and plates
6. Tempera Paints
7. construction paper.
8. Toilet rolls
9. Random shapes discarde boxes.
10. Beans
11. Cotton balls
12. Ice cream sticks
13. Twine

I have yet to add glitters to my art box because I personally don't like to use them. But the kids love them so I will put them in one day.

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