Friday, August 13, 2010


Our holiday was great despite a few hiccups. But hey... travelling with a 3 year old there's bound to be a few hiccups here and there.

Our biggest hiccup was Azalia getting ill from the evening of the 2nd day till the whole of next day. She was puking almost every few hours and couldn't eat anything. Everything that goes in she'll vomit them out almost immediately. We even brought her to the doctor to make sure everything was alright and he said she got a little tummy virus and it would be gone later that evening. True enough the morning of the of the 4th day she was all cheerful and we were so happy tu hear her being so noisy that morning.

Overall it was fun and 6 days is just not enough (2 were travelling days so we actually only had 4 days and everything closes at 5pm and it gets dark at 5.45pm)

I had a glimpse of a dolphin's tail at the harbour in Harbour Park (I think that's the name) but I wished I could have gone to Rockingham and fed wild dolphins. (It's closed during winter)

We shopped and I went slighlty over budget because of a purchase that I just had to made because it's really pretty. hehehe.

Perth is definitely a place I would come back to for a holiday because of its people, its laid back attitude and its attractions. We did not have time to see all of Western Australia so we definitely will come back. Plus.. its only 5-6hours flight and there's no jet lag so.. why not?? hehehehe

So here's what we did and the list of the places that we got to visit. I wished we had more time to spend on each place.

Day 1: Arrival - dinner at Taka on Barrack St.They serve Japanese and the Sushi was fresh and delish.

Day 2: Caught a train and bus to AQWA. Had fish and chips for lunch by the beach and Azalia played with the sand. hooray!! sand phobia gone. Maybe because the beach was clean. Evening - Azalia started not feeling well.

Day 3: Morning to clinic. Noon to fremantle by car (doctor said it was ok) and we spent the whole day in Fremantle markets and wanted to have dinner at the famous fish and chip joint, Cicerellos by the harbour but it was cold and Azalia was still not feeling well so we packed some for dinner and went back.

Day 4: Azalia is feeling much better!!! Off to Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park, Swan Valley to see Kangaroos, Wombat, Koalas and Wallabies. Great place!!! After that to Margaret River Choc Factory for some chocs

Day 5: Shopping day. Woke up late (so we didn't have time to go to Kings Park..boohoo). Went to Harbour Town Factory Outlet and borong Rubi shoes for myself, my sister and Azalia. Walked to the Swan River at night and took pictures of the city lights and the Bell Tower.

Day 6: Souvenior shopping day and off to the airport around noon.Sob Sob.

Now I'm back at work and feeling miserable.. Sigh... its the holiday blues.

P.S: Happy Ramadhan everyone. Do not over feed yourself during Iftar K.

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