Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lara's Place - Baby Ballet

Saturday was Azalia's baby ballet class. We had it at Lara's Place. It was near the house so very very convenient. It was at 8.45am and as I had expected Azalia was moody that morning due to lack of sleep. That was my fault. I came back late from dinner with the girls and she waited up for me.

Anyway.. she was a bit clingy.. which was also expected but did what the teacher told her to. There were 3 other girls in her class. I thing they are around 4-5 years old. She needed a bit of a push and she wanted me to be with her all the time but I think she followed directions ok. That is until another teacher came in and suggested that maybe I wanted to wait outside so that she won't be too clingy.

That was a huge mistake. She heard and started crying. Like really bad like I was going to leave her and never come back. Tried to console her but to no avail. She kept on saying she wanted to go back. But when I asked if she wanted to do ballet she said yes but she wants to go home and she's sleepy. Hmmphhh.... after maybe 15mins of trying to console her finally she was ok and was half willingly to join the class. But then it has already finished.

But I signed her up for a month anyway because she seemed interested.

Have to make sure she sleeps early every friday night now.

The fees?

Trial class - RM10
Ad-hoc class - RM30pw
Class-monthly- RM80
Reg.Fee - RM20

P.s: heard from another mother talking about the teacher how her 4 year old daughter had a short attention span and even in mandarin class can't seem to stay put. I was like whooaaahhh 4 yo and already in mandarin class. But isn't it normal for kids to not be able to stay put for an hour at 4 yo?

Just wondering.

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