Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ill in Perth

When in Perth, Azalia was diagnosed by the doctor as having a 'tummy virus'.

Yes we actually went to a clinic there because she was vomitting quite frequently and couldn't hold anything in. That diagnose cost us $80(no medication given but it was worth knowing she would be alright)

A day before we went, she was down with fever. But she was ok on the day we left. The next day she was alright, playing at the beach and all but that evening she started vomitting. At first I thought it was gas because she didn't have a high temperature but it turned out to be more than that when she even couldn't hold her milk in. All she could take was water. She vomitted a few times that night and even she she slept she would wake up suddenly and vomit. We went to the emergency room at the nearby hopital but they said we had to go to the children's hospital because they didn't treat children there.

We waited till morning to see her progress, and while Asa went to pick up the car, I called their healthcare line and after telling the nurse all of her symptoms they suggested I go to a nearby private clinic. It was so bloody near that I just walked there with Azalia and didn't wait for Asa. Turned out she had a tummy virus or better known as stomach flu. Or in medical terms, gastroenteritis. The doctor didn't give any medication (which I expected because when mum said australian doctors wouldn't really give any medication to young kids unless its really2 necessary) and advised me to just keep giving her water and she'll be feeling better later that night.

We were soooo relieved.

we went out to Fremantle later that afternoon because the doctor said all she needs is a lot of rest and since we'll be driving and she'll be in her stroller the whole time we're there we thought it'll be ok to get her out and have some fresh air and rest at the same time. The ride was only about 30mins and Azalia slept through it. We had a good time at the markets and Azalia just slept in her stroller. I brought a few plastic bags for her to vomit in. We used 3.

When we got back I made some soup just in case she wants to eat later that night. She looked better but suddenly she had a temperature. So I put a suppository panadol up her a$$ and let her rest. Luckily we brought Asa's laptop and her barney cds so she spent the whole time watching that. I could see the improvement from the night before. She slept and I stayed awake and watch TV. It was only around 8pm. Asa went to a BBQ at his brother's friend's place. I insist that he went because they've been so nice to invite us. Plus he could bring me something to eat. hehe.

Around 10pm Azalia woke up and her temperature's gone. She called out to me and asked for some noodle and soup. I quickly made her some and was so happy to see her slurping away. It wasn't much but she didn't vomit them out so that's good news!!!.

Next morning Azalia woke up with her usual "maaakkk bangun" And I was delighted. She even uttered an "ok, fine" which indicates that she's back to her usual self. I quickly gave her some rice and soup before we went out and she happily at them.. aaahhh all is well again.

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  1. all iz well,hehe...crita three idiot, all iz well, all iz well..