Friday, August 20, 2010

How do u beat that??

I've read a lot of articles on how we should rationalise and explain to our child/ren on what theyshould or shouldn't do. We shouldn't just say no to this and no to that without any explanation because ...well.. I can't remember the reasons... its suppose to be good for them.

Anyway...What do you do if you have a child/ren who when you try to tell them the reason for not doing something... it backfires. You see... with child/ren, when they want something, they'll give bucketload of reasons to do it and they just won't accept your reason NOT to do it. That is why... sometimes you just have to say... BECAUSE I SAID SO. Yes it's in capital letters because I imagine it being used when the mother is at her wit's end.

An example of my own situation with Azalia

Azalia was in her carseat and rolled down the window while I was driving.

Me: Azalia, tutup tingkap

Azalia: Tak nak. Azalia nak angin. best.. weeeee!!!

Me: Azalia tutup pls. Dangerous.

Azalia: Kenapa dangerous mak?

Me: Because nanti ada car lain lalu, and you put your head or hand out nanti kene.

Azalia: Alia tak letak dekat luar lah. Alia rasa angin je lah. Car pun takde. (we were the only car on the street)

Me: Mak drive laju ni nanti angin kuat Alia terkeluar nanti.

Silence for a moment. then a seconds later.

Azalia: Mak, Alia tak terkeluar lah. Alia pakai seatbelt. Kalau Alia tak pakai seatbelt baru Alia terkeluar... Apelah Mak ni. Tak tau pulak (yes she says tak tau pulak often)

Me: Tutup je lah.

Azalia... Hmmppphhhh *grunts*

Now.....this is just one out of many occasions where Azalia would non-stop giving me excuses for doing things I tell her not to. Guess what the last sentence usually are... Just do what I tell you to.


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