Monday, January 21, 2013

Everything's fine and dandy

Read my last post and I thought people who read it must have think I've gone mad.. haha. 

I haven't.... yet. 

It was just something I needed at the time. To rant... so that I won't go all crazy on the people closest to me because lets face it... some of us do need to let it all out there once in a awhile. 

Anywaaayyyy... things have been fine or rather normal ever since then. I was right... it was the hormones. 

After the first few days of my menses, I felt better again. Also it helped that I had a few outings with good friends doing things without the kids a.k.a some 'me' time. This wouldn't be possible without an understanding husband who's willing to watch the kids while I'm away. He even succeeded in bringing the two to a wedding while I celebrated a friend's birthday and watched the awesomest movie of the year. So I came back to a hungry but well rested baby and a sugar high child, but who cares. They were alive and kicking and they had a great time with their father. 

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