Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1st Olympiad.

Azalia had her first Olympiad on Sunday 6th May. I went alone because Asa had to go to Kuantan and man it was so hot and humid. I almost pitied the kids for having to wait and stand at the stadium's track and do their march pass but then I remembered I went through it too when I was their age and it was an experience so yeah... I stopped worrying.

I underestimated Azalia's abilities sometimes. You see when I'm around she can be really clingy and whiny. But what I observed yesterday was that she is independent and a trooper when she's around friends. I should really loosen the leash and let her explore the world more on her own because she can do so much more if I just sit by the sideline and observe from a far. Which I did yesterday and I enjoyed every minute of it.

When some kids were already crying due to the waiting and the weather, Azalia just stood there and make funny faces to her friends. When the song played while waiting for the VIP to come, she wiggled her bum and persuaded her friends to join her as well. She followed instructions very well and had so much confidence in her and was not overwhelmed at all but the huge crowd. She was also very focused in completing her event (she had to make teh tarik and ran..) and was a very good sport too.

It rained heavily in the middle of her event so her group couldn't complete their run but at least she completed her run which is awesome because I got it on camera.. woohooo!!! But they couldn't do the medal ceremony in front of us and had to it under the tent. She was so proud of that medal and wore it the whole day that day. Even to sleep. And she get to play in the rain because we had to go through it to get to the car. It was raining cats and dogs... kesian.

But over all she had a lot of fun. Although I think today she's paying for the rain. Terrible flu and cough.. oh well.. life is tough. Treated her to a fun day at Kidzania on Monday (yesterday) since school was closed. Will write more about this trip.

Today I think I have to let her stay in because I think she had too much excitement and need a lot of rest and recover from her flu. Hopefully it doesn't escalate to bronchitis like before. Did I say I'm proud of my girl?? hehehe wished her father was there to see her first Sports Day.

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