Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On Arfan.

Arfan is 2 months plus now. Or 66 days to be exact. And I've started work already. BOOOOO

Haven't written much about Arfan because.. well.. he's a baby. And what do babies do? Eat, sleep, poop and sleep some more. But lately he's awake time is slightly longer so he would insist on being help upright in front of our face and chat. or cooed more likely. I love the sound of babies cooing.

Anyway.. he's growing like a champ. Last we weigh him using the home weighing machine (ie by minusing my weight with him and my weight without him.. haha not so accurate but boleh lah) he was slightly more than 5kg. That's my big boy!!.

When he's awake he looks like Asa with that big wide eyes and chubby cheeks. But when he's asleep or his eyes are half open, People say he looks more like his sister.. and some would say me. But I still think he looks like Asa most of the time.

The first few days, I thought he would be a crier because he cried.. A LOT. Turns out he was just hungry. I suppose baby boys do drink more than girls. Once we got him on the bottle (still on mummy's milk of course) he cried way less.

Arfan is to a certain extent a fussier baby than Azalia. He likes to be clean. So we have to change his diapers quite frequently. I noticed that he uses up almost a pack of diaper a week because even when there's a tiny amount of poo (as in a light streak of poo) he would demand to be changed. And if we don't change him he would become restless and will not drink his milk which would lead to a baby tantrum. I considered cloth diapering him when I calculated the cost of disposable diapers used but when I think about the amount of time that needs to be spent on cloth diapering I just can't. The image of a huge pile of cloth diapers to be washed at the end of the week just scares me. Too much work for a maidless working mom who can only be home from work earliest by 6.45pm.

Arfan has a less cheeky expression on his face compared to Azalia when she was his age. I foresee him being more like his father. Merajuk pun mcm bapaknye. He's also less chatty. Azalia was very chatty. She cooed all the time when she's awake. Arfan's more of an observer. He would just look around for awhile.. and later on ask to be picked up and play with. But even then..he makes less noise. Put him in front of your face and he would just stare at you. Like really stare.

Arfan loves being in a moving car. The first time he was out and in his car seat, he was quiet when the car is moving but as we approached the first traffic light he starts crying. And then when we moved... he stopped. And as we approached the second traffic light, he cried the moment we slowed down. And cried louder when we stopped. He did the same thing when we approached a junction, another traffic light.. etc. I jokingly told everyone he has a motion detector.

Everytime I look at Arfan I feel so blessed. I was this close (thumb and pointer finger close together) to giving up. But Allah knows best. Both he and Azalia are my miracles.

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