Monday, April 23, 2012

Arfan's ride

I'm currently scouring the internet like a hawk searching for a particular stroller that I have in mind. The one that we had for Azalia is already 5 years old and in tatters. The cloth all torn up and the leg support is gone. That stroller costs me RM69.90 and it has served us very well for 5 years. It has traveled on boats, roads, malls, airplane, we brought that thing everywhere and Azalia loved sitting/sleeping in it. And now its time to find Arfan something that he would love too.

I did think of getting the exact same one for Arfan but couldn't find it in the stores. So I'm off searching for something similar. But currently I can't even find something close to that price. Of course I'm looking at a different brand because the previous brand don't carry it anymore. And this brand will cost way more that RM69.90.

Oh well. I can't really expect paying the same price I paid  5 years ago right? hehe.

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