Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12th March

My dad's birthday and now... my son's birthday.

Arfan B. Azhari was born at Pantai Hospital KL, on 12.03.12, Monday at 3.20pm via elective cesarean, weighing at 3.22kg. A lot of 3s and 2s innit.. haha.

There was not much drama, everything went quite smoothly and as planned. I was in and out of surgery in maybe around 2 hours.

I felt less during surgery this time around. Maybe they gave me a higher dosage of epidural compared to last time but I didn't feel them poking around my insides. But I did feel them taking Arfan out and what a relief it was when I heard him cry. And when they put him near me to show me what a lovely boy he is I just choked. After 3 miscarriages I finally have my second child. I never thought this day would happen. All praises to Allah. Syukur alhamdulillah.

The healing process was faster and better this time around too. Maybe because I already knew what kind of pain to expect that it felt more manageable. Whatever it is, I was walking by the 2nd day and was back at home by the 4th day.

But whilst I was discharged, Azalia was admitted to the same hospital due to bronchitis. My parents are a gem and I am forever thankful for having them as my parents. They took turns taking care of her at the hospital and arranged all the logistics for me and her so that I don't have to worry about anything other than recuperating at home. She was admitted for 4 days 3 nights and for all 3 nights my dad took the night shift and slept on the hospital floor to accompany his grandaughter. Apparently Azalia wanted to sleep with him on the floor too. Like camping she says.

My mom took the day shift and kept her entertained. She did ask for me but we had to tell her a little white lie. We told her I was also in the hospital and was recuperating there and couldn't see her and she couldn't see me because both of us are not well and if we want to go home soon we have to stay apart. She bought it, and willingly stayed at the hospital. But I did go and see her on the Friday because I was worried and missed her. And my worries were put to rest when I saw her smiling away and was her usual active self. Apparently she was a very good patient and took her medicine and nebuliser willingly.

And finally, on Sunday, when Arfan is 7 days old, everyone's back at home. Azalia dotes on her baby brother. She did after all prayed for him. She wanted to smother him with kisses every day and hold him and sing to him and bathe him. And she also has asserted her authority as the big sister by telling him to stop crying, drink his milk etc etc. haha as if Arfan knows what she's talking about. But I can see that Arfan knows his big sister and is already familiar with the sound of her voice because he would listen intently whenever she sings or talks to him.

And now we've more or less settled in some sort of a routine as a family of four and I'm loving it.

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