Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sama je

It was just like any other day of making Azalia sit down and eat her dinner properly. This time it was noodle soup. She requested for them and instead of using the fork and spoon she used her hands.

My mother: Azalia!!! don't use both your hands!!!
Me: Use your fork laa
Azalia: But I like using my hands (note: she's using both hands to eat)
Me: Than use your right hand only. I told u already kan when eating don't use both hands.
Azalia: This one (showed her right hand) or this one (showed her left hand).But I don't know which one. Both also look the same (buat muka monyok)
Me: (tried to keep a straight face)
My mother: LOL!!
Me: (terus tersembur milo tergelak)


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