Thursday, February 23, 2012


When it comes to homework, Azalia enjoy doing hers.

She would voluntarily do it and even told me excitedly that she has one.

Yesterday night I wanted to crash early. Asa as usual was at work and Azalia decided she's not sleepy yet so she wants to play her computer game, ( - we subscribed it ever since we had unifi because loading is much faster and its educational too.. try it!!). Just as I was about to fall into deep slumber Azalia suddenly said "I haven't done my homework mak!!"

And I told her to go do it herself at my table.

She went outside, took her bag, brought her book to the table in front of the computer and did her homework (I was still in bed, groggily listening to the whole action). Then she woke me up and I groggily saw her work and said "ok good girl go keep it now" and she put it back in her bag, brought the bag outside and switched off her computer, the lights and came to bed.

Dah big girl dah.

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  1. Daddy's so proud of her daughter =) Kindly take note mom's contribution to her development is around 80%, dad 20%. Love you dear...