Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time or things?

Read this article in the star this morning and it reflects what's on my mind recently.

I totally agree with the author when she wrote:

Providing the best for our children is not about being a stay-at-home parent. It is about being an aware and always present parent, and about allowing children to be children and ensuring that above all else, they feel loved by the foundation of family before they go out on their own in life.

When children come from a home that is full of love, patience, discipline and respect, they always have a place to come back to in their mind and will forever be blessed with having the best life has to offer.

Some days I can be one of those parents who would give what my daughter wants just because I felt guilty for having to work late, or not spending enough time with her etc. But at the end of the day, I knew giving her that toy she wants are just temporary. I could see the difference in her when I give her my full attention and just play with her or have a decent conversation with her instead of just giving her stuff. Time spent with her even if it just means spending time doing some activity book with her for an hour is always time she loves more than her playing alone with that expensive kitchen I got her.

I also realise that even if I'm at home the whole day but I'm busy with errands or doing work from home, it's still not time spent with her. Time spent with her is time playing with, doing things together and not just her at one corner doing her own thing and me doing my own thing.

It took my strong willed daughter to make me realise this because she told me..straight to my face.. when I was surfing the net.. hehe. And I'm glad she did. (although she still wants those toys but I have to play with her laa.. aiseh)

I realise that whether I'm a FTWM or a SAHM.. I can still give them my best. My daughter understands I have to work because I took the time to explain and tell her what I do and why I do it. But she also knows that when I'm at home.. I'm hers.

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