Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Freshly baked Samperit... I like....

This raya I've decided no more biskut tunjuk2. I'm sick of buying cookies which turns out to be a disappointment. And by cookies I just mean 1. Samperit. My absolute favourite. The best was my late grandmother's Samperit. I miss her. I miss the biscuits she used to make. Its been ages since I've tasted her Samperit or others that taste similar to hers.

So I decided to try making one. Got the recipe from mat gebu. But I've decided to make it into a rectangular instead of a flower. I prefer it in that shape.

It turned out great. I was sooo happy!!! Got my dad's stamp of approval too. It wasn't exactly like my grandmother's but it's almost the same. I seriously recommend those who attempt to make Samperit to try this recipe because it's to die for. It really does melt in your mouth.

p.s: Azalia helped out in the mixing and shaping of the dough. She was in charge of cutting the dough when I've squeezed it out of the cookie shaper? Anyways... after maybe about 2 trays, she said " Dahlah mak. Alia bosan ah" APEKAH??!!! And she just left me with dozens more to go. Ape laaa...

But she loved the cookies too since it's not too sweet. Anak ku tak suka manis2. Favourtie drink pun air kosong. Tapi kaki gula2 and chocolate. Bende lain manis tak suka. Ada pelik? Memang ada sikit pelik.

Next up... Checkerboard cookies. Also can't find good ones out there. But it's such a hassle to make. I've left the dough in the chiller for 2 days now.. alamak. Hope it's still good. If not have to start all over again.

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