Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going back was AWESOME!!!

Going back to Kuching was just AWESOME!!!And already I'm thinking of when we're going back there. I hope it won't be another year till we go back again. Abah please raya Kuching this year.. pls pls.

Sister is on her euro trip when we got back so our floor of the house is a mess. Spent half a day cleaning it up and I haven't even started with her room.

Back at Kch I think our waist grew a couple of inch wider because other than going to the wedding all we did was eat and sleep.

My dad threw a small party to celebrate Azalia's and my cousin's wedding the evening we arrived and looking at all my younger cousins playing with my dad brought back memories of the times when my older couins and I were their age. Yeah... everytime my dad was around, the cousins would gather and play all the outdoor kg games. He was the entertainer of our school holidays back in the days.. and apparently still is. He was always great with kids.

Azalia on the other hand was a bit hostile towards everyone in the beginning.. and I mean.. EVERYONE. I guess she was so used to being alone that when there're all this people fussing over her and wanting to play with her she got a bit overwhelmed. Plus it didn't help that my aunties loved to tease her. She was also very verbal about telling people off and I think she got that from me. Which is a reminder for me to really watch what I say and do because she's mimicking me all the ways and my behaviour is not the best model for ANYONE.I was hoping she would follow her father's more gentle and well behaved behaviour. Sigh.

But she warmed up to her little aunties (a.k.a my cousins) and started joining them. Although kejap2 she would ask me if we can go back and then when I said no she would continue playing with them.

Alwi was also there and he was the center of everyone's attention because they haven't seen him since birth.

The wedding was also great and it brought everyone together one roof and it was a huge roof too.

All in all... I love going back and I love the fact that Asa loves going back too and I think Azalia also loves going back too although she really needs to get used to the many many relatives that we have back there.

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