Thursday, June 3, 2010

And we're leaving on flight AK5204.


Tomorrow we're off to Kuching for my cousin's wedding. It was ages since I last went back. The last time was about 1 year ago. Didn't realise it was that long. Anyway.. I can't wait because the atmosphere back in Kuching is just wonderful. It's going to be loud, chaotic and just pure awesomeness!!!!

Too bad we're only spending 4 days there. After that I have to hit the books and only have about 6 days before my paper. Somehow after the exam I took last week, I can't seem to focus on this one. My mind is already on that holiday we're going to have in August.


Ahhhhhh so many good things to look forward to.

On the downside.. Asa has been really busy this past few weeks. He comes back in the middle of the night, and at one time.. 4 in the morning. Sheesh.I just hope his work schedule would get better starting tomorrow. I'd hate to see him on the phone..working. Azalia even has grown accustomed to not seeing her Abah at home and would automatically say Abah is at work or Abah is doing work when I ask her about him. At one point she even nagged.. "Abah work aje."

Speaking of the little one... she's going to be 3 tomorrow!!!


I have no idea what to give her. She kept on saying she wants a toy (and sometimes she would say a book) but what toy or book. Dah banyak dah buku!!!!??!! Her babysitter got her a talking baby doll.. She loves it!!!! Hmmmmm should I get her playdough????

I should finish packing. Latersss~~

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  1. oooooohhhhh Happy Birthday Alia!!! hughughughug her for me =D