Monday, October 26, 2009

Setia Alam is sooo far

Had to work last weekend. But not at the no.. at the disaster recovery centre in Bukit Jelutong. First time going there and the map looked so..easy??


Took the wrong turning and ended up into NKVE and straight to Setia Alam 4kms away.


I'm soooo bad with maps.

That was not the worst thing that happened

NOOOO..*geleng kepala*

While trying to figure out the map, I accidentally swerved into the next lane and only realised it when I hear a "screeecchhh!!!". Nasib tak accident. Felt SOOOOO guilty. Sorry sorry. Seriously sorry. huhuhuhu.


  1. Sile pakai phone yg ade GPS. It's definitely much safer and quicker.

  2. I know. Forgot to ask Asa for his.huhu lesson learnt.