Friday, October 30, 2009

Cuci the Musical - the review

Cuci was good. Good not great. The acting was good but the singing.... sigh....what can i say they are movie actors not Broadways. But Adibah Noor's singing was good and even Awie sounded good in his duet with her.

Afdlin's voice was a bit shaky in the second half of the show. I guess the stamina is not there. But he did sing quite well in the first few songs.However some songs seems out of place and the choreography mcm tak kene in certain scenes.

But nevertheless it was still enjoyable. Would I recommend it? Well.. if you're looking for a great musical.. don't bother BUT if all you want is a good time the show definitely gives you that. The show definitely made me laugh. A lot. And loud. I think some of my friends were a wee bit embarrassed.


  1. There is always some smart Alec who critize and think they know better! Ada aje nak critize... Blah blah blah... Know how much effort it is to put a musical together?
    Think your'e clever? Go do it lah!

  2. Wooaahhh my first hate mail. kekekeke. Teruja sekejap.

    Dear Anon,

    Why so touchy touchy? big fan of Hans ke since I didn't say anything about him.. heheheheh

    Anyway.. klu i buat musical confirm fail sebab suara pun sumbang, menari mcm kayu and berlakon pun tak bleh. Sebab tu I tengok je.

    Lek ah bro/sis. I did say the show was enjoyable. You pernah ke pun tengok musical lain nak emo2 ni. Tak yah pergi jauh2. tengok P. Ramlee and tell me, suara sapa lagi bagus.

    Lain org pergi with lain expectations. I pergi musical I nak tengok the singing, the music and the dance. unfortunately Cuci didn't excel in those. But they had good comedy and I was still entertained. Just not entertained musically. Itu je.

    And production ape2 pun mmg lah byk effort. Itu toksah ckplah. I applaud their effort and there should be more people like them because I LOVE MUSICALS AND THERE SHOULD BE MORE MUSICALS IN MALAYSIA!!!

    Besides end result matters kan. Kalau kita exam pun.. effort belajar yg bersungguh tapi tak bleh jawab soklan exam ade dpt markah tak dekat effort belajar.. takde kan...

  3. i think you gave a fair comment wanis
    ada positif and ada negatif
    the point is to take the negative comments positively so that they can improve themselves for future shows
    barulah seni musical tanah air akan berkembang kan?

    tak paham kenape ada org nak emo pulak..

  4. I am just a bloghopper, and I think you did give a very fair comment.I actually travelled all the way from SG to KL to catch Cuci the Musical. It didn't disappoint me as I wasn't expecting one of a really grand scale. I just wanted to have fun and I sure did. Laughed my ass off the seat.

    The point here being, I think Anon was being a tad too sensitive. I'm sure even Hans and the Cuci team will appreciate such honest feedback as only from there will they learn and improve themselves. Tiada kritikan, tidak mungkin datang kemajuan. Kan?

    That's my 2 cents worth.