Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tips to bringing an active toddler and a baby to Universal Studio Singapore.

1. Bring a backpack to keep everyone's stuff in so that your hands are free to carry the baby whenever he's fussy

2. Bring 2 strollers. Yes, your 5 year old can walk and run but if you're spending the whole day there, chances are, she/he will be tired at the end of the day and will want a place to crash. If you don't mind a cranky toddler there's no need to bring one. USS does provide a stroller but it's not as comfy.

3. Baby wearing not recommended. Because you will want to take turns to go on rides and its just a hassle to take turns baby wearing. So keep the baby in the stroller. Plus you'll be on your feet most of the time and the weight can take its toll on your shoulders.

4. A mini fan for the stroller with new batteries. We got two fans because the toddler wants one and it kept her occupied on a really hot day. The mini fan kept the baby comfy in the stroller and he slept according to his usual schedule.

5. Comfortable slippers. Yes. Slippers. For everyone.

6. Bring water bottle. Drinks are not cheap but there're water dispensers outside of every restroom.

7. Ask about child swaps. Basically tell them you need to take turns taking care of the kids so they will give you a fast pass so you don't have to queue up again after your partner has been on the ride. We did this with the transformer ride because if I had to queue up again it would have been an extra 50 minutes.

8. Come before 10am, queue up at the entrance, and the moment you enter race to the transformer ride first to avoid long queues because this is the IT ride.

9. Bring ponchos. Because it can rain any time. And if you don't have a rain cover for the stroller, the poncho will do just fine.

Overall we had a blast at Universal Studio Singapore. Azalia's most memorable moment is when she walked out of the transformer's ride and proudly told me

"Mak, the blue and red robot said I was very brave Mak. I was very brave. "


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