Friday, August 17, 2012


Azalia has been asking for a sibling ever since she knew what a sibling was. Hence when Arfan was born, she dotes on him almost immediately and want him to be by her side every second of the day.

Now that Arfan is 5 months old, he has become more aware of his surroundings and you can see he looks forward to playing with his sister as well. Whenever Azalia would come into the room, his eyes would follow her, he laughs when she laughs and enjoys being tickled and playing peek a boo with her. sometimes when i carry him he would lean towards Azalia as if asking for her to carry him much to Azalia's delight. Of course since he now weighs half of her (yes my daughter is skinny..) she can't possibly carry him but sometimes i would let her hold him in the carrying position while i assist and you could see both siblings loved it.

Azalia loves him so much that she cried the first time Arfan was shaved bald. She didn't want anyone laughing at her brother and call him 'botak'. Apparently only she has the right to tease and make him cry. Azalia would also roll to his side of the bed every morning, sometimes putting her arms around him. Watching this every morning certainly melts my heart.

 Azalia is also very attentive whenever Arfan cries. She would take it upon herself to try and cheer him up. At first it was just calling out his name and say shh shh shh. Now she would clap the twinkle2 song and Arfan would stop crying and just stare at her.However Azalia can also be quite rough with him. She would come out with all sorts of ways to play with him. From the harmless tickling his tummy, to the heart-stopping jumping on the bed with him lying down between her legs. Yes the latter is so so terrifying that I screamed when I saw her doing it. Arfan on the other hand seems like he can take anything she throws at him. He seldom cries despite how rough she is but instead rewards her behaviour with a hearty giggle. So of course I look like the bad guy for scolding at them when they are having so much fun.

Regardless... I love watching them play. You could see Arfan happily observing Azalia when she's around. He looks more calm when his sister is around. I foresee both of them to be best of friends. Sibling rivalry is of course unavoidable but maybe because of their 5 year difference, Azalia would be be the sort of sister who would always always have her brother's back.

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  1. sweet :) can't wait to see how they develop