Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do you love me ??

I have a habit that just won't go away.. that people might think that I'm a bit too clingy. I think it was because I didn't get enough attention from my parents when I was a kid.. you know.. the whole middle child syndrome thing. Hehehehe.

Anyway..before I was married I would pose this question to my mom everyday

" Sayang Anis tak???"

And she would have a standard reply of "yes" everytime. Although sometimes it would go " Apekene awak ni" .. hehehehe

And then when I got married.. It was posed to dear hubs too..almost everyday... and slightly (only slightly) less to my mom.. kekeke ( How insecure can u get???)

And when I had Azalia and she started talking.. I posed the same question to Azalia.

Ok.. the point of the story is.. The other day I asked Azalia

Me: Sayang mak tak?
Azalia: Sayang..sayang. Mak tiap2 hari pun mak tanya. Tiap2 hari pun Alia sayang. Mak cukuplah k. Tak yah tanya dah. Ni last Alia cakap k.

UWAAAA baru 2 years ( I think I started asking her when she was 2+) tanya dah bosan dah... HUHUHUHU.


  1. LOL. Kids and the things they say

  2. hahaha! even kids know what annoying means

  3. Siot je eddie. Anak aku sukati aku laaa.. hehe