Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of books and Stories

Azalia and I have a routine. Before she sleeps I will either read her a story or tell her one. She always tries to get the most of books or stories. She would negotiate with me to have up to 5 either books or stories. I always try to bring the number down because either I was too tired or it was already late. So if she were on her best behaviour and I was very happy with her that day she would have a 3 of either books or stories.

Azalia is not someone who easily goes to sleep. When other kids are tired, they would slow down and let themselves fall asleep, she does the opposite. She gets really hyper and more active than normal. So it caught me by surprise when she actually negotiated with me that if she goes to sleep early can she actually get more books and stories. Of course I said yes. I was more than happy to obliged.

So what books do I read to her and what stories do I tell her? I usually let her pick the books. But I say no to the long ones. She tends to ask me to read the same book over and over again. It gets a little dull after awhile. When that happens I ask her to choose a different one. Sometimes she would agree, sometimes she insists on the book she wants.

And stories... mostly are made up. Sometimes I would re-tell the stories she read but I prefer the made up ones because she can tell when I forget the storyline of the ones we read. So she would always interrupt me. Of course, after awhile, she can remember the made up ones, and would point out if I miss any storyline.

I love this routine but of course there are times when I just want to sleep.

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