Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of sewing and HK

I sew but I suck at it. I only sew if I have to and I don't intend for it to last long. Sometimes just out of curiosity most times... for fun.

Anyway.. that's soo out of the blue.

Just got back from Hong Kong last Tuesday and have to say it's not a place I'd want to go back to. Too fast paced and a bit rude?? But hey.. different culture have different definitions with what's rude and what's not. All I can say is its not for me. But still no regrets in going there. Our main objective was Disneyland for Azalia and to see her get so excited watching the characters and taking pics with them and screaming at them at the parade like how adults would when they're at a concert, definitely made the trip worthwhile.

We cancelled our trip to Ocean Park due to the weather and tiredness of walking up and down hills... yes.. Hong Kong is hilly. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the dolphin show, sea lion show and the panda.. but... maybe when Azalia is older. Of course there's always Sentosa Island to see all that..hehe( but no panda though..hmph.. next stop China maybe??)

We did however reacher The Peak. And OMG it really is THE PEAK. We were higher than the HK's tallest buildings and the scenes were beautiful. We went up via the funicular tram and that was fun.

We were supposed to see the light shows along the harbour but Azalia usually crashed by then.. plus it was drizzling almost everyday sooo..cancelled that.

It's so different travelling with a child now. We can make detailed plans but in the end, we would give priority to her comfort. There are kids who are very adaptable but those who are less adaptable can still enjoy things.. you just have to make a few tweaks here and there. Sure you might not get to see everything but hey... always remember what the objective of the trip is. To have fun and be happy.

Although I was a bit grumpy and cranky due to my own inability to adapt well to their culture over there... but by day 3 I got a better control out of it. Oh no.. have I become less adaptable too.. mother like daughter maybe???

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  1. Too fast paced and a bit rude?? <-- definitely agree with this. Couldn't stand the fact that they even cut queues while waiting for rides at Disneyland!